IMMANUEL 24/25 1990

theme: The New Testament and Christian-Jewish Dialogue

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Editor’s Foreword 5 -
Encounters with David Flusser 7 502k
Brad Young The Cross, Jesus and the Jewish People 23 543k
Menahem Kister Plucking on the Sabbath and Christian-Jewish Polemic 35 700k
Moshe Weinfeld The Charge of Hypocrisy in Matthew 23 and in Jewish Sources 52 374k
Cheryl A. Brown The Peace-Offerings (שלמים) and Pauline Soteriology 59 730k
Coos Schoneveld Torah in the Flesh 77 655k
Chana Safrai Jesus and His Disciples: The Beginnings of Their Organization 95 529k
Malcolm Löwe A Hebraic Approach to the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard 109 525k
R. Menahem Epitropos/Paqid in the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard 118 685k
Arne Jarand Hobbel Hermeneutics in Talmud, Midrash and the New Testament 132 646k
Shmuel Safrai The Jewish Cultural Nature of Galilee in the First Century 147 1432k
Ze’ev Safrai The Origins of Reading the Aramaic Targum in Synague 187 345k
Pau Figueras Epigraphic Evidence for Proselytism in Ancient Judaism 194 609k
Oskar Skarsaune From Books to Testimonies 207 551k
Moshe Idel Enoch is Metatron 222 801k
Marcel Dubois Thomas Aquinas on the Place of the Jews in the Divine Plan 241 876k
Martin Stöhr Learning Step by Step in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue 267 501k
Franz Mussner Catholic-Jewish Dialogue Since 1945: Survey and Observations 280 496k
Malcolm Löwe Bibliography of the Writings of David Flusser 292 561k
Books Received 306 -
Notices 308 -