IMMANUEL 22/23 1989

theme: People, Land and State of Israel. Jewish and Christian Perspectives

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Preface 5 -
David Hartman Perceptions of the State of Israel in Modern Halakhic Thinkers 7 583k
Moshe Greenberg Theological Reflections — Land, People and the State 25 362k
Kirsten Hoffgren Pedersen “The Holy Land” — History and Reality of the Term 35 298k
Yaakov Ariel An American Evangelist and the Jews — Dwight L. Moody and His Attitudes Toward the Jewish People 41 403k
Martin Stöhr People and Land 50 368k
John T. Pawlikowski The Re-Judaization of Christianity — Its Impact on the Church and Its Implications for the Jewish People 60 498k
Peter Du Brul Concerto for Passover — A Christian’s Notes from the Underground 75 786k
Naim Ateek An Arab-lsraeli’s Theological Reflections on the State of Israel After 40 Years 102 564k
Halvor Ronning The Land of Israel — A Christian Zionist View 120 465k
Petra Heldt and Malcolm Lowe  Theological Significance of the Rebirth of the State of Israel — Different Christian Attitudes 133 449k
Geert H. Cohen Stuart The Attitude of the Netherlands Reformed Church to Israel: People, Land and State 146 542k
Marcel Dubois Jews, Judaism and Israel in the Theology of Saint Augustine — How He Links the Jewish People and the Land of Zion 162 1564k
Lena Skoog Selected Bibliography on the Land and State of Israel 215 617k