Fraternity Lectures 2014/2015

Theme: Nostra Aetate and Our Time

14-15 October 1964, the Second Vatican Council voted for the final version of the Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, known as Nostra Aetate (In this Age). Though the original concept De Judaeis stood sui generis and radically revised the “theology of contempt”, the final product was embedded as point 4 of the Declaration, after Hinduismus, Buddhismus (point 2), and Islam (point 3). Point 4 of Nostra Aetate has been widely regarded either as an opening path to a new era in the relations of the Catholic Church with the Jews or/and as a model for ties with each and every otherness. Thus two separate offspring claim emergence from Nostra Aetate, the Christian-Jewish Dialogue and the Inter-Religious Dialogue. What happened in the process with the Christian-Jewish Dialogue? This query will be the focus of the Fraternity’s studies in 2014-15.

Below you can find the titles of some of the lectures, with the possibility to hear a recording.

October 23

The Post Nostra Aetate Season: Winter, Spring or Autumn?
by Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, a veteran friend of the Ecumenical Fraternity who has been casting and forming the dialogue between Christians and Jews for some decades.

November 25

The Spiritual Roots of the US-Israel Alliance
by Professor Dr. Michael Oren (IDC Herzliya Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy; Head of The Abba Eban Chair of International Diplomacy).

March 26

Nostra Aetate and Inner-Christian Ecumenical Theology
by Prof. Dr. Thomas Fornet-Ponse Laurentius-Klein-Lehrstuhl für Biblische und Ökumenische Theologie, Theologisches Studienjahr Jerusalem - Dormition Abbey.

February 26

Catholic-Jewish Relations in Buenos Aires - The City of Pope Francis
by Fr. Daniel Cutri, Student Studium Biblicum Franciscanum.